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This Is Me

When I was five I moved from the West coast of Scotland to the South coast of England. When I was eighteen I started university in Greater London. I’m a Scottish-born, Portsmouth-bred twenty year old living on the edges of the capital city of the United Kingdom.

When I was three I told my parents I wanted to be a cow. When I was five I wanted to be a fire fighter, because I liked wellies. Aged seven I wanted to be an author. Aged eight I wanted to be a fire fighter again. Aged nine I wanted to be a writer. Aged eleven I sent a story to a publishers in London. They sent me a very nice letter back. By the time I was twelve I wanted to work for NASA. At sixteen I wanted to become an actor. At seventeen I realised I couldn’t act.

I’m Paula, I’m twenty, and I want to be a writer someday. Some things never change.

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I love talking about nothing.
It is the only thing I know anything about.

-- Oscar Wilde
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